by Bationmaster



released January 15, 2015



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Bationmaster Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: The Harder It Gets... The Easier It Gets...
Hack at her face
Cut through the cheek bones
Married life is difficult sometimes
Sacrifices must be made
Even if it’s on her face
She never satisfied me anyway
It’s time to reclaim those lost nights of loneliness
Why the fuck should I stop there
I shove my cock inside her ruptured jaw
I thrust maniacally until her head flies off her shoulders
Now I move to the rear and insert
This night is filled with passion
My passion for rancid coitus
Rip the flesh between the holes
I pound the gaping wound until this quivering mass is oozing jizz
Track Name: Bricks Made Of Sledgehammers
All things must fall eventually
All things must wither and must die
This is where my darkest dreams come alive
Rotten skin is just so malleable
A slice here or there is easy
But reattaching is a special treat
It’s time to play surgeon
Open the flesh
Sever the nerves
Now your arms are where your legs should be
And your precious dick is dangling from your face
Now it's time
My freak is born
My elephant spider thing
Track Name: Colonel Squigg (Ft. Daniel Lambie)
There’s a man that history forgot
You won’t find him in your books
The reason justifies deletion
Because no man has lived to vocalise the putrid horror
He roamed the world
Seeking out his victims
No one could ever escape
From his eternal need to rape
His centre of gravity was the anal cavity
He’d penetrated every fucking hole, and burrow deeper than a fucking mole
He had an army of rapist hoes, STD’s from head to toe
They spread like a vaginal plague, with Colonel Squigg leading the way
Imprisonate survivors
Then impregnate the women
They carved the rank, disease-infected foetus from the womb
And held the mother down as they shoved it down her throat
He’s Colonel Squigg, No act too foul to commit
He anally annihilated
He putridly penetrated
He never lubricated
You get the point, he loved rape
I’m his son, Sergeant Rape!
I like to rape, rape, rape!
And now you know the tale, so you must be seen to
Bend over, I’m going on an little excavation
Track Name: Choppity Chop Chop Chop
Choppity chop chop chop
That’s the sound of me chopping up stuff
I love to chop things up with sharp axes
I love to divide one into many
I am an axe obsessive
My fixation on slicing will only grow
It’s time to find my calling now
How do you satisfy one with a taste for the extreme
I must take this further
I want to lacerate the flesh of orphans
Because orphans don’t have parents
And that makes this morally acceptable
Cause I completely understand what morals are
No one will miss them when their gone
Well maybe the people at the orphanage
But fuck those cunts, those cunty cunts
My infatuation with mutilation must be realised
Upon these tiny children!
Track Name: Beano The Destroyer
Cuddly, fuzzy, so cute, deceptive
Lovely, playful, but underneath there is a raging demon
Cold heart, black soul, he casts a shadow
Crawling, reaching for you in the dark
His adorable complexion’s just a sheet to hide you
From the unspeakable truth
He burns his enemies and the innocents that they protect
He slaughters the population like the animals they are
All in the name of his demonic purging of the earth
He is Beano!
The dog-ish incarnation of fear
He strikes paralysis in to your nerves
His snores fuel the fires of hell
He is a plagued existence
Beano The Destroyer
He's a dog
Track Name: Poopoops
Pucker up your anus
I’m making you more useful
Spread your cheeks
And spread them wide
I’ll fill you up with special treats
Just take it like a man
You will be loaded up
Until you can no longer stand
You are my personal luggage container
Keep all my treasures safe inside your feeble butthole
But you’re so small, I need to make some room
Rip out the needless muscle
Must make room for my dvd player
What are all these organs doing here?
Time for evisceration
Stab the stomach and scrape out the contents
Pull out the small instestine
Rip the ass open even further, so I can wear you like a onesie
You anal fuck!
Track Name: Mr Meaner
Mr Tickles is a pedophile
Little Miss Naughty is a fucking slut
These tiny cartoon beings are all scum
Pulled from the sludge of decay and disease
They rape innocent children’s minds
Gather round kids, I have two stories for you
For the girls, ‘Little Miss Pitiful’
And for you boys, ‘Mr Waste of Sperm’
With these words, I demand you all
End your lives before age takes you in it's fists
Take my special tools
The sharp ones are a lot more fun
Now run around and play
This illness within your child can't be tamed
Track Name: Frolicking in a Meadow
Brutality is not enough
Sometimes I have to unwind
I like to watch deer frolic into the meadow
They are so peaceful, I wish I could just skip my fears away
But violence catches up with me
I envision their rotting corpses in my homemade torture chamber
Pulling out their antlers, until their skull’s are exposed
How can something so lovely give me such grotesque entertainment?
I just love the taste, a mouthful of deer guts
Track Name: A Lesson in Annihilation (Ft. Liam Nisbet of Kaoss Theory)
No more mercy
Your tests have failed miserably
Your punishment will be severe
You’ll take this lesson to the grave
This is no written exercise
You simply have to run and hide
This school is far and wide
Choose wisely
Cause when I find you, I’m skinning you alive
Ready or not, here I come
With knife in hand
I hunt you down
You should've paid attention
I’ve found you now!
I drag you out by both your feet
I hold you down and make my incision in your forehead
I grab the blood-drenched skin and slowly peel your face off
This will teach you
Two plus two equals nine!
Track Name: Fingerblaster 9001
I love to finger vaginas
Unless you say‘Please stop fingering that vagina’
In which case I fist them into oblivion
This sick addiction, none can stop this internal conquest
But it goes further, I burrow deep until they die
My fingers are a badger, her pussy is the den
And if you lack a pussy, I’ll claim your anus instead
Neither man, nor woman is safe
All you can hope is that I’ve cut my nails
Oh shit, I’ve got an itchy ass
And now my fingers have to dig
To die at my own hand feels too fucking good
Track Name: If It Tastes Like Shit, I Blame You
The muscles bulge and compress
The birth proceeds
Skin stretches and tears
Her screams are drowned in the afterbirth
The sheets are soiled with the newborn filth
Her face is soiled with regret
No more penis in her vagina
How does she remove this stain from her name?
Nowhere to hide the evidence in sight
Until the revelation comes
The shame curls into a manic grin
No more a mother but a primal beast
As the front door closes, the back door opens
No fate is worse than this for the poor little fetus
Degraded, ending life as a human buttplug
Track Name: Piece of Juice (Ft. Alan Grnja of Shrill Whispers)
Your lungs begin to corrode
Your innards burn
Your veins hold puss
Your eyes lose sight beneath the blood
As your vision fades
You know it’s coming
Rising up inside of you
Your throat can’t contain it
You vomit up the bloody acidic stew
You feel leakage in your body
As your intestine collapses
You can smell the result
Fecal matter stains the ground
Mixed in with your various fluids
How are you still alive?
This is literally impossible to survive
Like seriously, die already
I feel I should help speed things along
I grow inpatient in your final moments
*Indiscernable guttural splurges*
Track Name: Pain Cake
I like to bake
Baking is fun
Chocolatey fudge cake is fucking delicious
Cupcakes are lovely and cute to behold
The taste of the icing is so fucking sweet I want to cry
I love to sprinkle chocolate chips
In sugary goodness
It makes me prance about with glee
Mouth watering sweetness
Now with a delicate hand
Spread an even layer
That smells so good
Can’t wait to take a bite
Make a cake for mummy
You’re such a sweetheart
Resisting the urge to stuff my face
Just one last ingredient
Corrosive cyanide
Her guts are now a pasty mulch